Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas & Birthday & Moving Oh My!

Banner's first Christmas morning and we were so much more excited than she was. This picture is basically us wigging out and taking pictures of her first thing in the morning and her wondering what in the world Mom and Dad are so excited about..

We set up her tent and tunnel in the living room. She loves climbing under things and through things and we knew she'd love climbing around in this...

She didn't...

She still hasn't tried crawling through the tunnel, but as you can tell from the look on her face here, she's saying, "but I like the piano..."

She and Dad played around on it and she really seems to like it. Plays a little bit every day.

Saige got a new castle for Christmas and Banner wasn't afraid to join her and Sawyer in there...

This is all the cousins (minus Cooper) at Christmas with Grammie & Pa. They are all getting so big. Its so rare that we all get together, but always a lively time.

Next thing we knew our sweet baby was turning a whole year old! We had a little party for her and some cousins and friends came to join. Again, she had no clue what was going on...

She tried a cupcake for the first time...

And liked it!

We also moved in the middle of this madness! Its been a whirlwind packing and unpacking and in the middle of all of it, Banner got Hand, Foot, Mouth. Poor thing. She was a trooper and loved all the boxes everywhere.

We love our new house! We're just trying to settle down a bit and prepare for our new arrival. We've finally decided on a name for our Peanut.... Piper Joyce! We can't wait to meet her! Then again, maybe if she'd wait a little while longer we can get a few more things done. :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Growing & Changing

Banner is growing so fast these days. Her crawling and cruising is putting her closer to the "toddler" category. Though I'm not quite ready to admit that yet. She's understanding more and more and chatting it up with us in her own jibber jabber.
Here's some recent pics...

We had some friends in from out of town that she enjoyed watching and trying to keep up with...

And... we were so excited to find out that her cousins are moving here very soon! They got some great play time at Grammie & Pa's last weekend. We're so thankful that these times will be more of the norm in the near future.

A video of one of her favorite things... dancing.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Home Photo Shoot

We took some pictures of Banner around the house that turned out pretty great. She's been so fun lately as she's been learning new noises every day. She's not crawling yet, but scooting around and pulling up on everything. Her fourth tooth just started popping through and as you can see, her hair is really growing in.

Also, we just found out that Banner is going to have a sister! We've been trying to wrap our brains around having two girls in the near future. Lots of fun ahead for sure!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Introducing our new Peanut!

Due March 12, our next little bundle of joy! Its hard to believe we're starting all over again, but the more we've gotten used to the idea, we feel like it will be perfect timing. We'll have to really soak up our time with Banner because she's not going to have much time where she is the only child.
This is her friend Rebekah in Tyler. Its fun to see them a little more interactive each time they see each other.

Her other friend Eva from Portland came into town and they finally got to meet each other.

Eva enjoyed Banner's jumper more than she does.

Its been fun lately to introduce new flavors to her. She enjoyed a popsicle at Mimi's and is loving pretty much any baby food she tries.

She's sitting up so well! She looks so big sitting and playing by herself.

Lastly, I'll share a video of her playing with Ari. She's loving the dogs these days, though she does try to rip Ari's ears off in this video.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


First time swimming. She loved it! She justed kicked and kicked.

First 4th of July! We didn't do much, just stayed around the house. At least she had a cute outfit so she could be festive.

First Ranger's game!

Notice her first outfit is not the one she actually wore to the game. Last minute wardrobe usual. Good thing she has two Ranger's t-shirts!
And lastly, this is the first picture we have of her new teeth. She's not too happy here, but her teeth are lovely. :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Chicken Pox: The Dreaded and Feared

Don't know how it happened, but Banner got the Pox. She would get the immunization at 12 months, but alas, she didn't make it that long. We had a rough week as she looked into our eyes and pleaded for relief that we could not give her. And just when we thought it couldn't get did. But, she is a champion and got through it and is once again her normal cheerful self.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cousins and giggles

Banner and I spent the weekend with the cousins and Aunt Sheala while Randy was at the Ranch celebrating Michael's last few days as a bachelor. Now we have joined up with Dad at the Ranch and are enjoying a week away. B is acclimating well to all the travel and new places. Just wanted to share a few new videos and pics with ya'll. She is making some delightful changes, including growing a few teeth, one poking out and another one on the way.
We're getting big smiles from her...
She loves her new bow...

Saige loves her new cousin...

Banner's might need to warm up a little to all the love...

Sawyer found all of her binkys and was very helpful in making sure she had it whenever she wanted it.

And last of all, a special treat. We got her laughing the other night and had the most fun!